Our Environmental Policy

We are committed to our aim to provide our visitors and residents with an environmentally friendly campsite; it is our aim to provide recycling facilities, to use renewable energy where possible, to provide a haven for wildlife, in fact to be as energy efficient and ‘green’ as we can.

We continue to work hard on the site and with the local council to recycle as much as possible.  In 2013 we undertook a number of measures to underline our commitment:

  • we have placed bird boxes around the site
  • we continue to recycle plastic
  • we aim to start recycling cardboard
  • we re-use plastic bags
  • we discourage the use of wipes
  • we use mulch in the planted areas
  • no chemicals or fertilizers are used


We actively promote and encourage campers to use our recycling facilities. We are able to take all coloured glass, cans and paper. Plastic bottles and cardboard can be deposited at the town’s recycling centre in Station Yard.

We have personally achieved a 90% reduction in land fill. Our wheelie bin is emptied once every 4 weeks.

We encourage children to take an active part in recycling and the reduction of water usage.

We only accept eco ground sheets thereby reducing the impact on the grass. All grass which is cut is mulched, multi clipped and fed back into the ground, eliminating the use of fertilisers.

All taps are pressure operated and are automatically controlled. Sink basin taps have water reducing devices which aerate the water mix. Water butts are used to supplement plant watering.

Only energy savings lights are used on site. All lights are sensor movement activated and timed. Some are solar operated. Light pipes are used to allow extra daylight into the shower block thereby reducing the necessity to have additional lighting.

Boilers work on demand rather than storing of water. The boilers run on LPG, a by-product of the oil producing industry and as a fuel is seen to be greener than alternative fuels which are readily available on the market today.

Insulation levels are above the normal standards.

We actively encourage campers and visitors to walk into town and leave their cars on site thereby reducing the impact on the town. We have a 5 mph speed limit on site to reduce risk and also emissions.

We have an active policy of reducing light pollution- by encouraging campers to reduce their lighting requirements after 11.00 pm at night.

We try to reuse materials in a sustainable way. Telegraph poles have been used to make flower borders. Railway sleepers are used in the construction of seating areas and rocks are used for flower borders.

Recent Measures

We will pursue our aim to get the council to recognise that waste from the camp site is domestic in content and should not to be regarded as commercial waste, thereby reducing the impact on land fill for all campsites in the county.

We will find a positive method of recycling aluminium disposable BBQ’s.

Sustainable Mission Statement

Reducing our impact on the environment and acting in a sustainable and responsible way is an integral part of our lives. We believe that we can all make a positive difference to our future through a greater understanding of our actions and reducing our impact on the environment. We hope by our understanding, actions and daily deeds that we will make a positive difference to our environment now and in the future. We are measured by our actions.